Relax & hope for the best.

2 weeks ago I got married to the love of my life.

I am lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with the bridal. They shld have informed us earlier that there’s some problem with altering the groom baju to his size, so we could make arrangements to come earlier to choose.

It was 3 weeks before the wedding and on my makeup trial day+fitting, which I didn’t come w the groom. Having to call him and telling him we have to choose another baju fr sanding, who wouldn’t be upset right. How to choose without him being there physically.

I tried on 2 dresses which they have in his size, via whatsapp I sent pics in hoping he would like one of it so that he’ll be able to try when he comes down for his fitting.

Alhamdulillah when he went to try it, it fits and looks great on him. Surprisingly we look better in that thn the one we initially wanted. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

And that’s not all. Can you believe on the nikah day when he opened the zip of the clothes protector cover to take out his baju nikah, he found out the baju wasn’t the one he tried on. The size was wrong as well.

I couldn’t imagine how I would be if I’m in his position. He manage to gt a hold of the lady frm the bridal and they rush to his rescue. He even told his groomsmen to not scold them and let them do their work when they reached his place.

Overall it’s been a crazy ride, but I’m Glad we stayed calm till the event ends. #thinkpositive


1 year mark. 

just realised I didn’t update anythg for the past 4 months or so 😁 nothing to update for the vendors part, AM still in search for berkat vendors. help please. 

anyways within the past few months, I decide to put on braces. yes you heard me. And I might still be on braces during my wedding. 😱 (which colour fr the powerchain thn?) 

dilemma. Been looking at pinterest/ig. I have the urge to want to design my own wedding dress either fr the solemnisation or cake cutting. does anyone been in that situation too? any idea of a good tailor and place to get nice kain? anyone tried alice tailoring? Or bought frm princess at Arab st? 
would love to hear from past/present btb. 😘 xoxo

Waiting game

For now there’s nothing much to do, till end of year for the appt with the bridal vendor. 

Been looking thru travel websites, planning the honeymoon and probably booking it a year before the wedding date if there’s good offers. Do you think it’s too early? Hope to hear your views on that matter.

Anyway, anyone been to Bali and stayed in a villa? Any recommendation? 


This Saturday

Heading for this event this week, though I actually already booked my decor and bouquet. 😁 

Heard there are new decor designs that will be out on Saturday, so would wanna see if it interest me. Then maybe I’ll change my decor choice. 

As for bouquet, I would love to see some sample of their fabric bouquet.

I’m still in search for favours. Hopefully twcinspirations have some cool ideas.

For 2017 bridetobe, give this event a try. Do register by this Wednesday 24 Feb 11.30pm. 

Off the list

Hello Beautiful people! 🙋 how’s the preparation coming along for 2017 btb and for dear ’16 brides; its your time! InshAllah everything will go smoothly. 

I’ve chosen vendors for henna and bouquet. I’m going for their #intricatewristpackage; #fabricbouquet 🙂 

there’s a few more vendors I’m looking for, me and mrF decide to go expo next week. you all should too.. If I’m not mistaken; nafimages, comel molek wedding decor&services and many more will be there. 

Back at work

yes, back at work on a sunday. what to do right, duty calls. 😆 it isn’t too bad as the place is pretty quiet aka ghost town except on timings where the nsmen comes in for their rt or ippt. 


  looking thru my 2015 album, that’s me with my sisters and cousins during my engagement. my sisters surprise me by getting the pretty bouquet from cherriesmitten. And yes, I didn’t wear white; did my own makeup (my cousin helped me with the eyeliner 😆 and hairstyle) 

currently doing some research on bridal bouquet. came across a vendor, woodleigh park. saw pictures of their fabric bouquet; super gorgoues. nice right?

 BTB, what’s your pick on bouquet? fresh bouquet or fabric bouquet. would love to hear your comments 😘

Ok, I’m off to check on the boys. Till next time. xoxo

closure 15

it was a tough year end, losing 2 people. uncle & aunt. 2 weeks ago and another on 30th. with things said during the burial, hope it’ll open the hearts of many and may Allah bless them(and mine) in their journey to be a better muslim. 

2016, please be nice to me.